Friday March 27th // DJ-3rd Eye // 21+ // $5 // 10pm

Hailing from the D.C. Metro area and currently a student at James Madison University majoring in Geographic Sciences, Travis Hicks, aka DJ-3rd Eye is a jack-of-all trades, genre-blending DJ specializing in electronic dance music. “ From deep infectious dance grooves, to funky fresh beats, to high-energy bass music, 3rd Eye brings the fire and makes you want to move your feet with every performance.
His perspective of music as therapy brings together people of all backgrounds together to enjoy a night out as a community, allowing them to relieve the stresses of life if only for a night. With influences from European and Latin dance music, classic and new wave alternative rock, along with jazz, funk, and soul, and more, 3rd Eye seeks to unite such influences with nearly all genres of EDM, oftentimes with a top 40 flashback twist that is sure to have the crowd dancing.

Rhinestone March Madness Drag Show

The Ladies Return on March 21st with a Superstar Line-up of of Entertainer! 
Please Join as at the The Artful Dodger Coffeehouse & Cocktail Loungefor a fun fill Night! 

Show Cast includes: 
Kayla BaCall Kelly
Aalyiah Symone
Roxana Hardplace
Jaxon Cox
Raquelle Shereé Colby
Alexa Vain
Lana Knight

Game and Fun for everyone! 
Children of all ages welcome! 
Show starts at 8pm Sharp!

The Long Way Home Tour

K Sean Long is bringing his newly formed band with him to take his usual singer-songwriter style to the next level. The blend of punk, folk, and good old fashion rock 'n' roll will leave you wanting more!

Started in 2011, My Electric Heart is the moniker of South Florida native Rick Odria. With his own special blend of both organic and electronic instrumentation complimented by stellar song writing, Rick projects a unique and infectious pop sound. 

Madly Backwards - Harrisonburg Blues/Funk/Jam Power Trio 

Sophomore Year -- Acoustic Pop Punk Solo Artist 

$5 // 7pm